Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Choosing the finish for your wedding band is one of the many ways that these heirloom pieces can be personalized. From the traditional polished finish to the contemporary sandblaster, this guide from our experts at Weston Jewelers explains the unique characteristics that each finish brings and the level of maintenance one can expect each one to require.

Polished Finish

The polished finish is a classic. Sometimes referred to as the mirror finish, the surface of the ring is so glossy that one can see their reflection in it. This type of finish draws the most attention out of all the others, no matter the chosen metal. Rings that use the polished finish do, however, require more upkeep as scratches and scuffs are more easily visible.

Satin Finish

The satin finish is less reflective than the polished finish, as the surface of a satin finished ring has more of a luster than a shine. This type of finish is the second most popular choice for wedding bands—the more understated aesthetic appeals to those with a more low-key style.

Matte Finish

For a non-reflective ring whose surface absorbs rather than reflects light, the matte finish is a great choice. The lustrous surface reminds one of velvet, smooth and muted to the touch. Like the satin and polished finish, this type of finish leaves a smooth surface, so some maintenance is required to maintain its appearance.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish ring has a textured surface that is created when a small wire brush gently scrapes the metal of the wedding band. It is non-reflective, letting its distinct appearance speak for itself. Brush finishes do not show marks as easily as other finishes, as most scratches seamlessly blend in with the designed ones.

Hammered Finish

The organic feel of the hammered finish will appeal to anyone that craves something more rustic and unique. This finish is technically two in one. The first being the gentle hammering of the surface of the ring, creating dips and valleys, and then a satin finish completes the job with a discreet glow.

Sandblasted Finish

The sandblasted finish is a newcomer to ring finishes. As the name suggests, sandblasted rings achieve grainy texture when the metal band is exposed to sand, blasted at a high speed. The resulting finish is a coarse surface that is extraordinary to behold. The maintenance for this type of finish is relatively low. Shallow scratches and scuff marks are difficult to see on the surface.

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