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Introduction to Appraisals

Jewelry appraisals are an essential service. They are necessary for a wide variety of circumstances and scenarios, from insurance to estate. Luckily, the process is easy. Simply bring in your jewelry and let us have a look at it. Our professional experts will use technology and techniques to accurately gauge the item's value and provide an official report that can be used in any situation. Only reputable and high-end jewelers should provide appraisals, so make sure that whatever establishment you go to is as trustworthy as Weston Jewelers. Schedule your appraisal with our experts today.

Benefits of Appraisals

There are many reasons why one needs an appraisal. A common reason is for insurance; if you plan on getting any jewelry insured, you will likely require an appraisal. Doing so allows them to charge an accurate rate that reflects the item's value. Similarly, appraisals are important for estate paperwork. People involved in an estate should have a complete understanding of an estate’s assets. Since jewelry can be expensive and is often used for family heirlooms, jewelry can be a large part of an estate. If diamonds are fake, metals are plated steel, or any other factors that cheapen their value, the estate needs to know.

Appraisals are also needed for liquidation. If someone wants to liquidate their assets, they will need to know their assets’ value. Furthermore, charitable organizations will want to know the jewelry’s value if it is used as a donation. Unless their cause is to give more people jewelry, they will probably want to sell it for funding. Appraisals are also helpful for tax purposes. They are also essential if you buy jewelry at a non-reputable source, like a thrift store or a roadside seller. Lastly, if you inherit or are given jewelry, an appraisal can help you understate the quality and authenticity of the piece.

Visit Weston Jewelers for Appraisals

Discover the best professional jewelry services at Weston Jewelers. At our Weston and Hollywood, Florida jewelry stores, you can find everything you require to be glamorous and fashionable. In addition to appraisals, we offer jewelry repair and even custom design that allows you to create your own jewelry. At both of our showrooms, you will also find a top-notch selection of jewelry and timepieces made by the finest designer brands. Call our Weston store at (954) 389-7990 and our Hollywood showroom at (754) 231-2520, or email to begin your shopping experience.