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Watch Key Terms to Know

Watch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to Know

Introduction to Watch Terms

Luxury watches are modern masterpieces, influenced by a century of innovation and a shared drive by the leading designers to make advancements at every turn. To keep up with the changing components, it's important to understand the key watch terms. To start, at the heart of every watch is its movement. While most watch manufacturers call their movements “calibers,” both of these terms refer to the inner working mechanism that keeps time. One option is a quartz movement, which is battery powered. The other option, a mechanical movement, uses energy from a wound spring to power the watch. In this category, the automatic timepiece is more popular than the manual watch because it doesn't require daily self-winding.

Watch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to Know

Popular Watch Terms to Know

The body of the watch that protects the movement is called the case, and often includes a back that opens, to allow for repair and maintenance of the caliber. The casing also features a crown located at the side, which is a knob that can be used to wind the watch or adjust the time, depending on the type of movement. A bezel connects a transparent dome called the crystal to the body. This crystal is made of glass, acrylic, or synthetic sapphire, and protects the dial, also known as the face of the watch, which shows the time.

Watch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to Know

Additional Watch Terms to Know

Many manufacturers have included useful features and functions in their models called complications. Don't worry, they're not too complicated to understand. The term is used to describe the tools that expand a watch's use beyond just keeping track of time. This includes a date display, a dual time zone function, or the ever-popular chronograph complication, which is basically a built-in stopwatch. You can find this information in the aperture, which is a small window on the face of the watch that displays either a day, date, or any combination of complications.

Watch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to KnowWatch Key Terms to Know

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