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When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are an age-old symbol of commitment, typically wrought in high-quality materials so the owner can wear the piece everyday without worrying about damage or tarnishing. However, over time, you may find that the original composition of your ring no longer suits your style, or you are looking for a change. Here are a few ways to upgrade your engagement ring when you want something new.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

One of the most common upgrades people make to their engagement rings is to choose a center stone diamond of greater carat size. Breathe new life into your ring by adding a stone with more surface area and more brilliance within its reflection of light. The setting may also need to be altered to accommodate a bigger stone.

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

The cut of an engagement ring’s center stone helps to determine the ring’s overall aesthetic. For instance, a classic round cut may be used in more traditional-style rings, while a marquise or pear shape stone will give your piece a wonderfully modern and whimsical feel. Changing the cut of the diamond can truly alter the overall look and feel of the ring. You may also want to change the shape of your ring’s accent stones for a more subtle alteration.

Add Extra Diamonds

More diamonds means more sparkle. When it comes to engagement rings, the amount of accent stones you can add is incredible, imbuing the band on the tops and sides with diamonds and surrounding the center stone with rows of stones to create halos. Inlay extra diamonds into your ring via prong, pave, channel, or bezel settings, each offering a distinctive aesthetic appeal. These stones increase the brilliance of your ring overall, complementing the shine and beauty of the center stone.

Change the Setting

The term “setting” in engagement rings refers to everything except the center stone. The setting determines much of the ring’s overall style. Solitaire settings, for example, feature the center stone and a mostly unadorned band for a timeless, minimalistic ring. On the other hand, three stone rings are characterized by a center stone flanked by two, usually identical, side stones said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship.

Use a Different Type of Metal

Another common way to upgrade their engagement ring is to select an alternative metal type. Over time, you may find that your band depending on the metal, has been slightly warped, scuffed, or tarnished. The current metal of your ring may not work well with your skin tone or aesthetic preferences. This upgrade will require a skilled jeweler to ensure the process is efficient while ending up with a stunning result.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Weston Jewelers

Give your most prized possession a revival by upgrading it with the help of our team at Weston Jewelers. Our Hollywood and Weston, Florida jewelry stores are staffed with experienced professionals whose joy it would be to assist you with your engagement ring. For more information on our products and services, contact us today at (954) 389-7990 or by email