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The most luxurious timepieces deserve talented and experienced experts to discuss them with those looking to purchase one of these incredible instruments. Our Rolex showrooms only employ top-notch horological professionals to present these discerning pieces. Discover the careful craftsmanship and peerless beauty of a Rolex timepiece when you explore the extensive display at Weston Jewelers with one of our skilled team members.

Rolex Showroom at Weston Jewelers


We are a family-owned company. Our store has always been operated by the Dikes family, and two generations are involved in providing a peerless shopping experience for our guests. This has created a family tradition of excellence wherein providing the best to our clientele is a crucial part of our identity. We are dedicated to presenting and providing the paragon of luxury and fulfilling our valued guests’ desires for exceptional quality Rolex timepieces along with superb customer service.

Rolex Sitting Area at Weston Jewelers


The complexity and intricacies of a Rolex cannot be overstated. From the delicate movements inside the case to the aesthetic beauty outside, it takes extensive training and education to understand the true elegance of these incredible timepieces. At Weston Jewelers, we ensure that our staff has a horology background and vast Rolex training to offer our clients knowledgeable prestige service.

Rolex Showroom at Weston Jewelers


Our team is composed of experts well-versed in the world of timepieces. Every one of our staff has years of experience in the industry, ensuring that every watch is presented from the most trustworthy hands. Furthermore, our largely international team is multilingual to best serve our diverse community. We have brought together a team of vastly experienced personnel that reflect our drive for excellence. Additionally, we are proud members of the Jewelers of America Board, the American Watch Guild, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and the GIA to ensure we stay well informed within the industry.