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Natural Diamonds Vs. Lab-Created

Diamonds are tightly-packed atomic arrangements of carbon, resulting in beautiful, radiant, and valuable gemstones. These jewels are beloved and highly sought-after. Plenty of alternates exist – such as cubic zirconium – but none are truly the same as a diamond. Laboratory-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are made of the same material as natural diamonds. However, they each have characteristics that make them unique.

Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds come from the earth. They are the result of highly intense processes that occur underground. Over billions of years, pressure and a good bit of heat cause the element carbon to rearrange and take on the form of a diamond. Eventually, some diamonds make their way up to the surface via magma flow and other volcanic activities. Due to their natural origins, diamonds usually have inclusions that affect the stone's sparkle or clarity grade.

How are Lab Created Diamonds Made?

Diamonds first begin as tiny crystals (called “diamond seeds”) on which layers of carbon accumulate. The seed’s shape dictates the growth of the diamond. Laboratory-grown diamonds mimic this process with clever, state-of-the-art technology. In one process, diamond seeds are put in a chamber full of superheated carbon gas. Carbon molecules layer on and stick to the diamond seed until it grows into a stone. Another method is more “traditional,” made with high pressure and heat.

What are the Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds don’t have to rely upon the extensive supply chain of natural diamonds. The complex geopolitics of diamond mining and curating need not apply to these stones, making them much more affordable than their natural counterparts. They are also created in a highly controlled environment. As such, they are essentially perfect. Few, if any, inclusions exist in lab-grown diamonds. While jewelers typically can’t tell these apart from natural diamonds, their perfection is often indicative of artificially made pieces.

Why Choose a Naturally Mined Diamond?

All diamonds are beautiful, but those found in nature have extra personality. Natural diamonds – also called earth-mined diamonds – have more character than their lab-grown counterparts. Every one of these earth-mined stones is the consequence of billions of years of pressure and heat. Every stone has a unique set of flaws that makes them stand out from the others. While there are thousands of perfect lab-grown diamonds, each natural gemstone is one of a kind with its own distinctive inclusions. These diamonds also tend to be more valuable than artificial pieces and thus make better investments.

Which Diamond is Right for You?

Both lab-grown and natural diamonds are luxurious, radiant, and attractive. However, natural stones have a unique and timeless quality. Many of these gems are billions of years old and exhibit unique qualities. They are much more desirable for romantics as well as those who want a more valuable ring. Meanwhile, lab-grown gems are an affordable alternative that, while one-of-a-million, provide the same light and color as their more natural peers.

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