Guide to Modern Wedding Band Styles

Historically, wedding bands have been characterized by polished finishes and simplistic designs. Contemporary designers, however, push the boundaries of tradition by crafting styles of wedding bands that are varied and expressive. It is our pleasure at Weston Jewelers to offer a wide selection of modern wedding bands to appeal to those who desire something exceptional yet timeless.

Pave Wedding Bands

The term “pave” is derived from the French word meaning “paved.” Pave wedding bands feature diamonds or gemstones held onto the ring via tiny spheres of metal that allow the stones to be arranged closely together for cobblestone-like effect that pave represents. These rings are incredibly brilliant, sparkling from every angle. Multiple rows of pave-set diamonds create an even more mesmerizing impression.

Eternity Rings

Eternity bands are said to symbolize the everlasting nature of marital love, emphasized by the exquisite beauty of the stones. This style of ring is distinguished by a continuous row of diamonds or gemstones that completely encircle the band. These pieces are true statement-makers, adding plenty of glitter and elegance to your bridal stack. Choose a band of colorful gems or clear diamonds to express your unique style.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Ring stacking is a jewelry trend that has taken off in recent years and has even extended its influence from the fashion jewelry industry into that of bridal jewelry. While many people’s bridal stacks feature only a wedding band and engagement ring, others have added anniversary bands and other statement rings to their stack for a varied and eccentric look. Stacking rings are typically quite thin in order to ensure there is plenty of room on the finger for multiple pieces.

Nesting Rings

For a stack that is wonderfully cohesive and complementary, you may want to seek a nesting wedding band. These pieces are designed specifically to nestle close to the engagement ring, with a deep curve in the band that makes space for the engagement ring’s center stone. This allows the band to hug the engagement ring, creating a stack that almost looks like one complete piece.

Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands are not necessarily distinct from other wedding bands, as any wedding band could technically serve as an anniversary band. The only difference is when the rings are given or received. These bands typically are given on milestone anniversaries and breathe new life into one’s bridal stack. Many people choose gemstone rings featuring a color with sentimental value such as the birthstone of the month you were married.

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