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Engagement Ring Setting Guide

Introduction to Engagement Ring Settings

When thinking about what style of engagement ring suits you best, the shape of the diamond often gets all of the attention. However, the ring setting, how stones are held in the ring, and finishes or embellishments, can change the look of a ring completely. Since settings are often sold separately from the center stone, it’s important to consider what setting style suits you best. Whether you prefer a simple solitaire diamond or small accent stones around the band, Weston Jewelers carries your dream collection.

Solitaire Rings

The solitaire ring has made a name for itself as the most popular engagement ring used to propose. This simple yet elegant ring consists of only two parts, the diamond, and the setting, which features your center stone. Popular setting choices include white, yellow gold, or platinum. Many women also choose to adorn the band with diamonds for maximum sparkle.

Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings can enhance a simple setting and make it sensational. While known for smaller stones set across the shank, designs range from dainty to ornate with intricate patterns and unique metalwork. Side stone rings feature more than three stones, but the center stone remains the star of the show.

Three Stone Rings

Some brides may choose the three stone ring simply because they appreciate the symbolism behind it. Each diamond is said to represent the “past, present, and future” of the relationship. Typically, this setting style highlights a larger center diamond and has two smaller side stones flanking each side. Unique diamond shapes like the oval cut look especially beautiful in a three-stone ring setting.

Find Your Engagement Ring Setting at Weston Jewelers

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