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Introduction to Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond affects its aesthetic immensely. For generations, gemcutters (also known as lapidarists) have been developing new ways to cut and polish precious stones. Each cut has its own unique qualities exclusive to itself that shows off the qualities of this most precious of gems in different ways. Here are a few diamond shapes and how they affect the stone, as well as which cut suits which style best.

Round Cut Diamonds
Round diamonds are gorgeous jewels that are by far the most popular shape, making up around 75% of all diamonds used in engagement rings. Also known as the “brilliant cut”, these radiate more light than any other shape. This is due to their large number of facets as well as their placement. Designed through science and art, these timeless gems are a perfect choice for anyone who loves radiance at all costs. A round cut stone is also an exceptional choice for those who appreciate a classic look. As it is the most common shape available, more settings are designed explicitly for it than other kinds.

Princess Cut Diamonds
The second most popular shape, the princess cut diamond is admired and adored by anyone who appreciates glamor and eccentricity. Princess cut stones also evoke femininity and modern style, so they cater to a wide variety of tastes. Also known as the “square-modified brilliant,” these stones exude a sophisticated spectacle of light. This cut was developed in the 1960s, but has gained popularity in recent years due to a societal craving for more distinctive designs. These square jewels are excellent for anyone who wants a more bold and distinctive look, especially if used in a three-stone setting. A princess cut is also an exquisite option for people who want a geometric and modern edge.

Oval Cut Diamonds
Brides who prefer elegance and sophistication may prefer the oval cut. With a slender and elongated form, it has a distinctive refined aesthetic. It is also quite brilliant, as it has a high number of facets plus a large surface area. While the oval does not match the brightness of the classic round, it is not far behind. Oval-cut gems are often used in romantic, vintage-style pieces. For those who want the brightness and light-reflective properties of the round while harboring a desire to be different, there are no better options. Vintage and romance enthusiasts will enjoy oval cuts too.

Emerald Cut Diamonds
This rectangular cut has a unique display of light, like ripples reflective on its elongated facets. Emerald cuts are rare, consisting of less than 5% of all diamonds. This is likely due to the fact that emerald cuts are only suitable for higher quality diamonds, specifically G grade and above. Its long facets reveal the diamond’s perfections – as well as its imperfections – more clearly than any other shape. For those who want to show off a high-quality diamond, an emerald cut diamond is among the best options available and is frequently common among celebrities’ engagement rings.

Pear Shaped Diamonds
Sometimes called the “teardrop shape,” pear shaped diamonds have a narrow tip and a wide bottom. Their elegant, sophisticated, and playful form makes them perfect for someone who wants an engagement ring that grabs the spotlight immediately. An unusual property of pear shaped diamonds is that they appear to be of a larger carat than they are. If someone wants to get more out of an overall smaller stone, this is a great option. For stones of a larger carat, it gives them a pleasant aesthetic that is even more eccentric than an oval.

Radiant Cut Diamonds
Radiant cut diamonds – not to be confused with brilliant cuts – are also known as rectangular-modified brilliant cut gems. With over 70 facets, this is a truly extraordinary cut. While not quite as brilliant as the round, it reflects light in every direction. Its gentle but meticulously designed shape makes it best suited for a solitaire, so as to let this work of art dance in the limelight. Those who want a rectangular shape but seek a more glamorous stone will opt for this shape. The radiant cut’s unmatched versatility in light reflection makes for an exquisite centerpiece.

Cushion Cut Diamonds
Named for its pillow-like shape, the cushion cut is a shape beloved by vintage enthusiasts. It has a square shape with rounded corners. Its classic, romantic, and heritage style has been around for quite some time. In fact, there are two types of cushion cuts: “modern scintillation” and “vintage.” The former uses more facets overall so as to reflect more light. Meanwhile, the latter has larger facets that make a fascinating display of light reflection that resembles a star. People who prefer contemporary and vintage designs will be enamored by cushion cut diamonds.