Spring Romance: Perfect Touristy Date Ideas and Jewelry to Match

February 20th, 2024

a woman holding purple and yellow flowers and wearing silver rings

Spring in South Florida is the ideal time for romantic outdoor dates. Why not live like a tourist for the day and explore your own backyard? At Weston Jewelers, we believe your jewelry should mirror this season's vibrancy and charm. Picture a leisurely garden stroll or a serene picnic under swaying palm trees; these quintessential spring dates call for accessories that reflect the whimsy and joy around you. Delicate floral designs, light and airy pieces, or gemstones in pastel hues perfectly complement the season's mood. And, for those seeking that special piece to complete their spring ensemble, Weston Jewelers boasts an incredible inventory of fashion jewelry, evoking the spirit of this enchanting season.

a pair of pave diamond stud earrings

Everglades Airboat Tour

An adventurous springtime date idea for those in the Weston and Hollywood, Florida areas is an Everglades boat tour. Gliding through the unique wetlands, you're immersed in the raw beauty of nature, witnessing wildlife and lush landscapes. Such an adventure calls for accessories that are both elegant and practical. Diamond stud earrings, like these Memoire Luna pave studs are the perfect choice. Their snug fit against the ear ensures they won’t get tangled in your hair as it whips in the wind. These earrings add a subtle sparkle that frames your face beautifully, enhancing the experience with an aura of luxury. Their simplicity and dignity make them ideal for this blend of adventure and romance.

a yellow gold pendant necklace with a rectangular swiss blue topaz center stone

Visit the Hollywood Broadwalk

Visit the Hollywood Broadwalk in the evening. Many locals pass quickly through this area to get to the beach. But strolling along this iconic path, you'll feel the gentle ocean breeze and see the colorful backdrop of South Florida's flora. To match this lively setting, a vibrantly colored gemstone pendant necklace makes an ideal accessory. This Weston Signature Collection pendant from our own in-house designers, with its striking swiss blue topaz center stone and modern design, conveys spring's true vitality. It complements the natural surroundings and adds a splash of sophistication to your seaside outing, making it a memorable springtime date.

a rose gold bangle bracelet featuring a flower motif made of red hearts

Stroll Through Flamingo Gardens

A springtime date at Flamingo Gardens offers an interesting experience, ideal for couples seeking a serene and beautiful setting. As you wander through the rich blooms and lush greenery, the gardens make a tranquil backdrop, perfect for a romantic walk. The blossoming flowers and the presence of exotic wildlife provide a picturesque environment. To complement this botanical experience, wearing a floral-inspired piece of jewelry, like this Chopard bracelet, enhances the trip. Its delicate flower design resonates with the garden's natural beauty, adding an element of classiness and charm to your special day in the gardens.

a pink signet shape ring featuring an oval cut center diamond

Outdoor Dining in Weston Town Center

For those in the Weston area, an outdoor dinner at Weston Town Center is a quintessential springtime date. The balmy evenings and the lively ambiance of the Town Center create the perfect setting for a romantic dinner under the stars. As spring carries a palette of resonant colors to life, choosing accessories that echo this cheer sweetens the experience. A colorful ring, such as this Etho Maria fashion ring, is an ideal choice. Its bright pink hue embodies the season's whimsy and joy. The ring’s diamond will catch the light beautifully, especially noticeable when raising a glass in a toast to the evening. This ring not only complements the season's vibrancy but also adds an element of glamor to your special night out.

a woman standing in front of a tree wearing a pair of floral earrings

Have an Adventurous Spring Date with Colorful Jewelry from Weston Jewelers

For the flawless springtime date jewelry, look no further than Weston Jewelers. Our South Florida jewelry stores at the Weston Town Center and the boutique in the Guitar Hotel of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood offer a dazzling array of pieces to elevate any date night. Our collection reflects the energy and elegance of the season. In addition to our exquisite selections, we also provide custom design services, allowing you to create something truly unique. For a fully personalized experience, we invite you to request an appointment for a consultation with one of our expert team members, ensuring your jewelry choice is as special as your springtime moments.