How to Protect Gold Jewelry

August 5th, 2022

People have worn gold as a status symbol for generations in distant cultures. It is difficult not to fall in love with a glamorous gold pendant, bangle, or engagement ring. However, this precious metal is notoriously soft and fragile. It is vulnerable to all of the elements while being prone to scratches. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect these magnificent gold accessories with tips and information from our Weston Jewelers team.

What is Gold’

Gold is an element, symbolized as Au (for the Latin word “aurum”) on the periodic table. It is found in nature in the form of nuggets or veins, commonly mined from the earth. While its expense derives from its rarity, it possesses a few unique properties. Gold is the most malleable metal and can even be stretched out. Due to its fantastic heat conductive properties, state-of-the-art gold mirrors are used in the new James Webb Telescope.

Gold jewelry is usually mixed with copper and other metals to form gold alloys. One can determine the quality of these alloys by the number of karats, not to be confused with carats that designate the size of a gemstone. Gold jewelry usually ranges from 10k to 24k depending on its purity and durability. Sometimes jewelers use rose, white, and other colorful gold alloys for a more distinctive appearance.

How Do I Care for Gold’

Humans are oily, which can leave a harmful residue on jewelry. Lotions and ointments contribute to the process. As such, it’s vital to clean jewelry every now and then. It’s simple – you can even do it at home. Get a bowl of nice, warm, soapy water, let the jewelry sit in there for a bit, rinse the pieces, and then dry them out completely with a soft cloth. If the gold pieces are really dirty, get yourself a soft (emphasis on soft) toothbrush.

Once or twice a year, make sure to bring your favorite gold jewelry to our store. Our expert staff canprofessionally clean and repair jewelry in ways that are impossible to achieve at home. A jeweler can get behind the prongs, between the links, and other places you cannot without risk.

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