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How to Buy Your Dream Engagement Ring

June 20th, 2024

a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring on a bed of green leaves.

Choosing an engagement ring is a decision of deep sentimental and monetary significance, demanding careful thought at every step. With this guide from the experts at Weston Jewelers, you'll find invaluable tips on selecting the perfect ring that embodies your love story. By exploring strategic design choices, you can create a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful. Featuring a stunning selection from renowned designers, Weston Jewelers ensures you’ll discover the ideal ring for your bride-to-be. Dive into our expert advice and learn how to craft a dream engagement ring that truly reflects your unique bond.

Choose a Carat Size and Diamond Shape

Diamonds of different carat size and shape significantly contribute to the innate beauty of a ring. Deciding on the center stone of the engagement ring truly sets the tone for the overall appearance of the ring. Choosing a one carat or two carat diamond can look much different depending on what shape you do pick. A round diamond or an emerald diamond are both gorgeous choices yet have contrasting styles. The love and consideration that goes into buying an engagement ring should reflect the aesthetic of your partner and the love that is shared. 

a yellow gold halo engagement ring with an oval cut center stone.

Select a Setting

When selecting an engagement ring setting, consider the timeless elegance of a solitaire ring, which beautifully showcases a single, stunning diamond, allowing its brilliance to take center stage. For those seeking extra sparkle, a halo setting features a circle of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone, enhancing its size and radiance. Side stone rings offer a luxurious touch with diamonds or gemstones lining the band, adding depth and dimension. The three-stone ring setting, symbolizing your past, present, and future together, is perfect for a romantic gesture. Each setting at Weston Jewelers is designed to help you find the perfect ring for proposing to your partner.

a woman’s extended hand adorned with a diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

Consider Precious Metals

The precious metal that you choose is a big decision, and some people have very specific preferences regarding the metals they wear on the regular. Yellow gold exudes timeless elegance and tradition, offering a warm, classic look that enhances any engagement ring design. White gold presents a modern, sophisticated appearance with its bright, silvery sheen, perfect for those who appreciate a sleek and polished aesthetic. Rose gold stands out with its romantic blush hue, adding a touch of contemporary charm and uniqueness. Platinum, renowned for its durability and luxurious finish, provides an enduring and exquisite choice that will last a lifetime. Each of these precious metals brings its own distinct beauty and qualities, ensuring you find the perfect setting for your engagement ring.

a black and white photo of a bride and groom’s hands, wearing their wedding bands.

Explore Colorful Alternatives to Diamonds 

Considering colorful diamond alternatives like sapphires, rubies, or moissanite can offer a unique statement for your love while still providing durability and beauty. These gemstones are not only stunning, but also highly durable, making them excellent choices for everyday wear. Opting for these alternatives allows you to create a unique and vibrant ring that stands out, and may reflect your love’s personality or your love. .

a side stone engagement ring sitting under brown leaves

Discover Engagement Rings at Weston Jewelers

Find the engagement ring of your dreams at Weston Jewelers, with two convenient locations in both the Weston Town Center as well as the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in South Florida. Discover our exceptional selection of designer engagement rings, crafted to suit every style and love story. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you find the engagement ring that perfectly symbolizes your union, whether you’re searching for something opulent or something more minimalist. Visit our showrooms or request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our expert team members, and begin shopping for a stunning engagement ring today.