How to Buy the Perfect Gift Based on Her Personality

December 10th, 2020

holiday gift guide 2023

Want to learn how to buy your loved one fine jewelry based on their personality? Then follow our ultimate suggestion guide! For those who follow fashion, find out which jewelry is trending this holiday season.

Spoiler: figuring out how to buy jewelry for someone based on their individual characteristics is actually fun and easy. It all comes down to connotations of preferences and the jewelry trends for the holiday season. Think about what your loved one likes and how you would describe their style. We will cover the pieces that match best for numerous kinds of personalities: the romantic, the trendsetter, the classic style icon, the elemental, the golden queen, and the bohemian.

The Romantic

Romantics always find a way to communicate to you, verbally or nonverbally, how much they care. A romantic soul is simply a loving person. The heart motif is one of the top jewelry trends for the holiday season. For the romantic, peruse the Happy Diamonds collection from Chopard

The Icon

pearl earrings

The classic style icon appreciates and sports evergreen, timeless styles. They probably love white diamonds, gold, and pearls. You may also feel strong Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes from them! Mikimoto pearls are the right gift for your classic style icon. Shop a classic pearl necklace or an inventive pavé pearl ring.

The Trendsetter

If your loved one is daily bookmarking new styles and frequently receives compliments on their fashionable attire, they are a trendsetter. Both gold and bold hues are trending. 

The Elemental

The elemental loves all things fantasy, magic, and adventure. They may describe themselves as a drama nerd. John Hardy is here for your elemental geek. Shop earrings that look like bone, tusk, or claws. If you are on a quest for something scalier, discover the dragons ring.

The Golden Queen

fashion jewelry

Gold is currently trending and your golden queen could not be happier about it. Nearly the entire Marco Bicego collection features a yellow gold base. This collection features all of the warm metals and designs your loved one could want. Give your golden queen a regal ring for a dramatic look that will take her breath away. Or go for a twist on the popular chain link style, and choose an artfully carved Weston Jewelers.

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