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Elevate Your Updo with These Perfect Earring Pairings

February 5th, 2024

a woman with an elaborate updo wearing bold gold earrings and jewelry

Here at Weston Jewelers, we believe that earrings are essential elements that complete and elevate any ensemble. In the context of updos, earrings play a pivotal role. They frame the face, drawing attention to your eyes and complementing your facial features in a way that is both subtle and striking. Our collection of designer earrings offers a variety of styles – from elegant studs and dainty hoops to dramatic chandeliers and expressive drops. Each pair is designed to enhance your look, adding accents of glamor and sophistication. Our extensive inventory includes pieces from renowned designers, ensuring that you'll find the perfect earrings to make your updo truly shine. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply want to add a little extra sparkle to your day, our earrings at Weston Jewelers are the ideal choice for making a statement and highlighting your most important features.

a pair of diamond stud earrings shaped into bows

Show Stopping Studs

Elegance in simplicity defines the allure of stud earrings, particularly when paired with updos. These Memoire Presence Bow Tie earrings exemplify this understated charm. When hair is worn down, studs can often be obscured. However, with hair elegantly swept up, these exquisite studs become a focal point, gracefully framing the face. Currently, there's a surge in popularity for coquette fashion, which emphasizes feminine, delicate styles, and these earrings fit this trend perfectly. Their subtle, refined design complements the coquette aesthetic, making them a coveted choice for those embracing this fashion statement, especially when paired with chic updos.

a pair of rose gold drop earrings featuring heart motifs and a vibrant green hue

Distinctive Drops

Eye-catching drop earrings, like these Chopard Happy Diamonds earrings, are a perfect complement to updos. These stunning earrings feature whimsical hearts with a vibrant green hue, guaranteed to captivate onlookers. When paired with an updo, drop earrings like these not only become more visible but also add an aspect of dynamic beauty. As the wearer moves, these earrings sway gracefully, catching and reflecting light, creating a mesmerizing effect. The lively design and color of these Chopard earrings make them a standout accessory, ideal for adding a glimmer of playfulness and refinement to any outfit, especially when the hair is styled up to showcase them in full glory.

a pair of yellow gold hoop earrings featuring a unique sculptural shape

Sculptural Hoops

Truly timeless in their iconic shape, hoop earrings continually seize the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. They seamlessly transition from casual to formal attire, making them versatile and fundamental in any jewelry collection. A unique take on this classic style is this sculptural pair of Marco Bicego Marrakech earrings. These hoops are wearable art with their distinctive, hand-crafted design. When paired with an updo, the unique character of these hoops is put on full display, allowing their complex details and graceful curves to shine. The updo hairstyle elevates the earrings, ensuring they receive the admiration they deserve, making a statement in both refinement and creativity.

a pair of yellow gold huggies earrings featuring diamonds set in a floral shape

Glittering Huggies

Similar to studs in their close-to-the-ear design, huggies offer unparalleled versatility and ease of wear. These exquisite Roberto Coin huggies earrings are a splendid example of this style. While huggies are effortlessly chic, their subtle beauty can be overshadowed by long, flowing hairstyles. An elegant updo, however, serves as the perfect companion to these earrings, ensuring that their unique details are not only visible but also celebrated. The updo hairstyle allows every elaborate detail of the Roberto Coin huggies to be easily viewed and admired, from their outstanding craftsmanship to the delicate sparkle that improves any look, making them a smart choice for both casual and formal occasions.

a pair of white gold diamond stud earrings in a halo setting on a reflective surface

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