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Celebrate Spring with Floral Jewelry

February 15th, 2022

Winter is just about over and spring is almost here. With this most exciting of seasons, flowers sprout and blossom, fish swim again in the rivers, and new jewelry becomes trendy. No longer shall thick gold chains and charms roam the ears and necks of winter, but instead lively colorful gemstone bracelets and necklaces will adorn those deemed most fashionable. Floral jewelry is an excellent way to celebrate this special season, as flower and plant motifs reflect the rejuvenation of nature itself. Show off a little of your inner nature with these lovely pieces.

Leaves of Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Pendants are an especially fantastic choice for floral jewelry, as they can present particularly elaborate displays that are sure to impress. They are also the focal point of many outfits, especially those outfits with lower necklines.

It is also great for celebrating Irish heritage or to wear a little luck while attending a chic occasion.

Be a Stud

Warm weather can be quite inviting. Now that plant life is back, it’s a perfect time to get outdoors. An easy-to-wear stud is an ideal accessory. They do not snag easily, and they accentuate any ensemble.

This Marco Bicego Petali pair of diamond studs feature flowers with golden petals, each exquisitely crafted to look like the real thing. In the center is a diamond pistil, elevating this pair to an even more glamorous position.

Brace Yourself for Spring

The bracelet is an essential accessory known for the way it conveys elegance and sophistication. A simplistic splash of flair and fire can complete any outfit. Some, however, take a maximalist approach.

This 18k yellow and white gold bracelet is an extravagant floral affair. With strips of pure gold vines intertwined with each other and fastened together with marvelous white gold flowers, this is a truly wonderful bracelet. It is particularly apt for formal occasions, especially if one wants to attach a glamorous touch to an otherwise plain little black dress.

Ring Around the Rosie

Fashion rings are a perfect choice for those who want elegance, sophistication, and style. They exhibit a regal nature through their luxurious color and the playful, innovative pieces created by designers. While they are small, they can pack a very fashionable touch.

Celebrate Spring with Floral Jewelry from Weston Jewelers

Just like April showers bring May flowers, spring brings jewelry from Weston Jewelers. Our peerless selection contains not only floral jewelry, but countless other breathtaking styles as well. We have bracelets, necklaces, fashion rings, timepieces, bridal jewelry, and more. With our expert staff, we offer professional jewelry repair and other services. Contact one of our showrooms in Weston and Hollywood, Florida for more information.