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A Guide to Gemstones: Picking the Perfect Jewel for Your Ring

May 5th, 2024

a woman’s hand adorned with a rose gold engagement ring with a pink center stone

At Weston Jewelers, choosing the right center stone for an engagement ring is a decision imbued with deep sentimentality, as this piece of jewelry often holds immense emotional value. Traditionally, diamonds have been the gem of choice for their brilliant sparkle and durability, setting a standard for romance and commitment. However, the allure of alternative gemstones is undeniable, offering a unique touch to this symbol of love. Recognizing the desire for diversity, we have assembled a carefully curated list of gemstones, each selected for its potential to create an engagement ring as unique and enduring as the bond it celebrates.


Renowned for their unmatched hardness, diamonds are the quintessential choice for engagement ring center stones, boasting a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale. This scale measures the ability of a gem to withstand scratches, with diamonds topping the list as the most resilient. Ideal for anyone seeking a stunning symbol of enduring love, diamonds reflect not only a commitment that withstands the test of time, but also an elegance that complements every style, making them a universally beloved centerpiece in engagement jewelry.

a couple holding hands, the woman wearing a sapphire engagement ring


With a Mohs scale rating of 9, sapphires offer impressive durability, making them an excellent choice for engagement rings that are meant to last a lifetime. Known as September's birthstone, these gems come in a variety of colors, though the deep blue hues are the most sought after. Ideal for those who appreciate a touch of royal elegance and unique symbolism in their jewelry, sapphires also appeal to individuals celebrating September birthdays or seeking a meaningful connection to their birthstone.


An exceptional alternative to diamonds, moissanite boasts a Mohs hardness rating of 9.25, offering both durability and brilliant sparkle at a more affordable price. This gemstone is perfect for those seeking an eco-friendly option, as it is lab-created with minimal environmental impact. With its near-diamond hardness and eye-catching brilliance, moissanite appeals to couples looking for a sustainable choice that does not compromise on beauty or quality, making it an increasingly popular choice in modern jewelry.

a set of three rings sitting on a wedding invitation, the engagement ring featuring a ruby center stone


Celebrated as July's birthstone, rubies radiate with a deep red color that symbolizes love and passion, making them a captivating choice for engagement rings. These gems are not only stunning but also extremely durable, boasting a Mohs scale rating of 9. This makes them second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. Perfect for those born in July or anyone drawn to their rich, vibrant allure, rubies bring a bold and traditional flair to any engagement ring setting.


Famed for its unique color-changing properties, alexandrite shifts from green in daylight to a reddish-purple under incandescent light, making it a captivating choice for an engagement ring center stone. With a robust Mohs hardness rating of 8.5, it combines durability with enchanting beauty. This gemstone is especially suitable for those who value individuality and mystique in their jewelry. Ideal for people born in June or anyone drawn to its dynamic hues, alexandrite represents adaptability and the joy of discovery.

close up image of a person’s hand wearing a blue topaz engagement ring


Boasting a variety of colors from blue to rich golden yellow, topaz is a versatile choice for engagement ring center stones. Its impressive hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale ensures durability suitable for everyday wear. This gem is particularly appealing to those who celebrate their birthdays in November, as it is the month's birthstone. With its crisp clarity and stunning array of colors, topaz can fit  a multitude of personalized tastes and styles, making it a meaningful and attractive option for marking a union.

a woman’s hand wearing a white gold princess cut engagement ring

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