Top 2022 Picks for Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

April 20th, 2022

Mother’s Day is your opportunity to slow down and take a moment to appreciate all of the mothers out there. Whether you call them momma, mom, or mama, it is important to give a gift that reflects your love and care. Jewelry is always an excellent choice as everyone loves jewelry. These luxurious, always-fashionable accessories allow their wearers to elevate their outfits and express their personalities. Here are our picks for jewelry that make for particularly grand gifts.

Celebrate with a Prismatic Party of Gemstones

Gemstone jewelry can make for peerlessly beautiful gifts. This rather vague term refers to pieces utilizing colorful jewels, as opposed to the colorless, but no less beautiful, diamonds. These gems include regal red rubies, enchanting topazes, glorious garnets, and many more. Gemstone jewelry has endless possibilities in design and materials. When buying these pieces as a gift, strongly consider getting a piece to match the recipient’s birthstone.

People born in March have aquamarine as their birthstone. Purchase a piece of jewelry with this stone for a uniquely personalized birthday present. This aquamarine pendant by Marco Bicego features a breathtaking blue aquamarine bezel set in yellow gold to then look amazing hanging around a gold chain.

Give Everyday Fashion with Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are a true jewelry classic. Their timelessness owes to their ability to provide effortless fashion to any outfit. One can leave the house wearing nothing but jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of brilliant diamond studs and still look stylish and chic. They also look fantastic with more formal clothing, such as dresses. What makes them a perfect gift is that they always have a place in one’s wardrobe.

Pure, Stackable Luxury

Fashion rings are exquisite. Fashion designers innovate these pieces in all sorts of ways that create inventive and exhilarating rings. Whether they have vintage milgrain details or extravagant regal gemstone accents, the variety of fashion rings available is truly astounding. They are meant to be worn with other rings, or “stacked”, and so having many to choose from is always desirable. That is why fashion rings are excellent jewelry gifts. They can also help complement engagement rings to make for a full, extraordinary display.

This 18k gold and diamond floral fashion ring by Marco Bicego showcases nature in style. With easily recognizable flowers in the band, brilliant with their diamond imbued precious metal petals, it makes for a flawless gift for gardeners, nature enthusiasts, and fashion lovers.

Find Your Mother’s Day Gifts at Weston Jewelers

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