Authorized Watch Repair

As a customer of Weston Jewelers, you have peace of mind, in knowing that our master-watchmakers are trained and certified to repair, overhaul, restore your valued timepieces or simply change a battery. We use only the highest standards of workmanship along with the aesthetic and technical criteria set forth by the manufacturer. Weston Jewelers only uses authentic parts and state-of-the-art equipment. We recommend a full servicing on a quartz timepiece every 4 to 5 years and with a complication timepiece every 3 or 4 years.


At Weston Jewelers, your overhaul will include the following steps: First, your watch is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in a 4-step ultrasonic cleaning process. Cleanliness is critically important to the proper operation of your watch. Once clean, we’ll begin the reassembly of your watch where each part is carefully inspected, adjusted, and lubricated with as many as 10 different types of the finest synthetic horological watch lubricants. We will replace any parts that are worn. Once the movement is reassembled, thoroughly cleaned and the watchcase is polished, we re-attach the dial and hands, check the water resistance control and re-case the watch. Each watch is then timed on an electronic watch timing-machine for best-possible timekeeping. Finally, each watch goes through a 40-48 hour “run in” period to ensure proper operation and good timekeeping. We know that there are less expensive and faster ways to clean a watch but we pride ourselves on using the industry’s stringent quality demands.

Weston Jeweler recognizes the investment value of your watch and understands that as a precision instrument it requires the proper handling of a trained watchmaker.