Tips and Tricks for How to Wear Your Jewelry

Tips and Tricks for How to Wear Your Jewelry

Trying to figure out which piece of jewelry to wear with your outfit can be tricky. After all, you aren’t a professional fashion model (you just want to look like one).

Fortunately, for you, we’re going to provide you with some tips to help you make the right decision about which jewelry to wear, using a few examples.

What to wear with our Three-Strand Diamond Bracelet

This is one of our most popular bracelets, and for good reason– it’s incredibly stylish. This bracelet goes best with darker outfits and goes well in any scenario like:

  • Keeping it simple with your formal wear
  • Making a casual outfit more classy
  • The finishing touch on your date night outfit

What to wear with our Diamonds By The Yard Necklace

This delicate diamond necklace comes in 18-karat yellow or white gold. You can wear either necklace with dark colors, but specifically black, blue, and brown. You can also pair the yellow gold with gray. This works best with a boat neckline dress.

What to wear with our Topaz Ring

A ring might be the smallest piece of jewelry you wear, but it can make the biggest statement– especially if you match it with the correct outfit. This light blue topaz ring can be worn with light colors, brown, blue, pink, green, and purple. This ring is great for the summertime! You can get away with wearing this ring for almost any occasion:

  • Sunday brunch
  • Night out on the town
  • Completing your Gala look

What to wear with our Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings

These elegant pink sapphire earrings will be the talk of your next event. Just make sure you pair them with the right dress. Colors that go with these earrings include purple, beige, gray, and blue. You can style these earrings for:

  • A refreshed style for summer to fall looks
  • A statement piece for your evening wear looks
  • A pop of color with your work attire

Need more tips?

Feel free to contact us to speak with one of our jewelry experts. We’d be glad to help you find the right jewelry for your fashion needs.

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